Sunday, March 8, 2015

Update: 3/8/2015

I know I haven't been on here in awhile. I'm not sure why. I think that sometimes when you don't have anything to write about, maybe you don't have to. I came back to finally update about things that have happened or didn't happen.

First off, with my dance team, I'd like to point out that we are doing really well. We've improved on leadership skills, goals, morals, concepts, choreography, and SYNERGY. Something that Sean highlighted was that previous seasons did not have enough connection and understanding of one another. This season we've done more bonding than any other and more sharing opinions and stories. Consequently, this helped us all bridge gaps between our dancing and worked towards unity.
(I also have to mention that I am grateful and honored that Sean and Daniel have appointed me Managing Director. Which I have been for the past month.) In our most recent competition, we placed 8th, which is SUPER impressive since we laid out that medley in about one month. Here's a link to our performance:

Career wise, I am currently working on applying for the credential program. So far I have taken 2 tests, and am waiting to take my third one. It's the hardest one for me because History is my weakest subject. Also, I'm still working at Kumon because it still gives me necessary skills I need for my career.

With my family, my sister recently moved to Seattle with Adam. They have their own place and I can't wait to see it! I'm really sad though because the house seems a bunch emptier without her around. I'll never be able to fill in my sister's shoes and take care of my parents the way she has. She's the only sibling I have and this is the first time we've ever been apart. So I can understand why I've been wanting to stay out late because it's depressing for me to come home. I'm just going to label it Coping.

On photography: I haven't been really taking any pictures. You can call it laziness sometimes, but a majority of the time I like to call it being busy and prioritizing other things.

In other news, I'm typing this post with my newly built PC. I call it my Poro Cage hahaha. Tom helped me build it (: Here are some pictures.

Here are the parts I picked out.

Here's me getting stressed trying to finish the build late at night.

From the outside looking in.

This station is outdated because I have a desk now to work on (:

My happy face with Poro Cage because he's all finished!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I just want to thank God or whatever gods are watching over me

I tweeted this a week ago, but not everyone follows me on twitter.

Anyway, I am so grateful because I found out that I don't have to take 5 classes this semester. I only have to take 4. That's a lot of stress off of my schedule.

Really though, it's probably the greatest news I've heard all summer. (:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Comic Con 2014 - July 25

Hello everyone! Here is a photo summary and glimpse of our day FINALLY back at Comic Con. We hadn't been to Comic Con since 2012. Fortunately, we were able to get tickets this year. We had a one day pass for Friday, which very much sufficed. I got a bunch of free stuff, and I barely bought anything, except for a Gru pop funko and gifts for my friends. And I didn't take any pictures of Cosplayers because I was too busy enjoying all the wonderful events and like I already mentioned: FREE STUFF! 

Taking the trolley reminds me of taking the train in Japan, so I edited this photo to make it look like what I visualize when I rode the train in Japan. I really hope that made sense, hahaha. 

6am line to pick up our badges.

The Exhibition Hall before it was crammed with people. One of the first people inside gets the best free stuff!

The Walking Dead exhibit was really cool. They built a mock of Terminus, and I got to feed the zombie a rat haha!

Got to see the cast of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson!

What I was more excited for was The Originals panel. At least I got into this panel. I wanted to get into the Walking Dead but obviously that's impossible. I would not like to wait 12 hours to get into Hall H. 

Daniel Gillies aka Elijah Mikaelson

Surprise! We got to see Paul Wesley aka Stefan from the Vampire Diaries! He was there with Phoebe Tonkin (his girlfriend in real life, and who plays Hayley the wolf from Vampire Diaries and The Originals). It was his birthday that day and we all sang him Happy Birthday and he randomly came out from backstage!

A city looks beautiful when it's filled with people.

With the expectancy of big crowds comes the religious and activist protestors.

I'm not sure what was inside this building but I was NOT down to go in! I was too scared to check it out. I would not do well in a zombie apocalypse...

I  really like this edit because I tried to make it look as close to a film production scene that you would see on The Walking Dead.

And, with the expectancy of large crowds comes the urge to protest. These people were protesting the genocide of Palestine. You go Palestinians! I'm all for fighting for what you believe in. As long as it's peaceful protesting (:

After ComicCon, Tom and I took the trolley up to our car. We met up with Joseph and Jamie and some of Project Zero members. We got Tajima for dinner and Tapioca Express afterwards. We played this game called Resistance. It's kind of like mafia. It was really fun though, and it's always nice to meet new people. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Kumon table at the Fitzgeralds' Wedding. July 19, 2014

My co-worker and friend for 3 years is married to Mr. Robert Fitzgerald. She is happily named Mrs. Brittney Fitzgerald. I've only known this couple for about a year now and they are nothing but welcoming and fun. Their ceremony was an elegant yet simple one. The ceremony took place at the Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship off of Rancho California Road in Temecula. 

My favorite part of the ceremony was when their vows were exchanged. Both speeches were unique, but also helped the family and friends see how honest and compassionate their relationship is from a personal perspective. I had so much fun getting to know my co-workers, new people, and family members of the newly wed.  The moral of any wedding day: relationships can grow stronger when under any of these circumstances - bound by commitment, willingness to accept things for what they are, compromise, loving effort, and unity.

At the wedding reception, there was an open bar. It was really cool because that was my first time experiencing it. Tom and I had no clue what to order so people kept telling us what to drink. I must have had 6 drinks but I did not feel a thing. 

When you have people in your life that you love and love you the same, then nothing can take away from you. To love and be loved is to have conquered. To trust and work together with your family and friends steers a confident outcome in life. When one has learned this blessing, one will live and communicate their love to the world, feeling elevated from and removed from all negativity. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

San Francisco trip! June 27-29

Here are some pictures I was able to do quick edits on from the trip. I didn't take as much pictures of San Francisco city itself because we were mostly driving around the city and I also wanted to enjoy the sights rather than looking through the lens. Sometimes when I go on trips, I take too many pictures that when I go home I've realized that I missed the feeling of actually being there. All in all, the trip was exactly what it should have been: sight seeing, tourism, and prime cuisines! 

Edit: Oh and thanks to my sister for taking pics of me and Tom 

This restaurant is called Nick's LightHouse and it is right by the dock on Fisherman's Wharf. The food was as amazing as I remember it. Mind you, everything was Tom's first time. The best dishes to get for reasonable price and exquisite taste (in my opinion) would be the Prawns with Linguine and White Whine Cream Sauce with a side of Lobster Bisque.